It’s been a while since I had to run an outside Fiber Optic cable as I been pencil pushing. It feels good to be able to go outside, break a sweat, and make some money. It was a hot day though. A co-worker and I had to pull and push some outside fiber optic cable 12 strand thru a conduit that was collapse at midpoint. We tried to fish it multiple times with no luck. We even tried the air compressor trick. All we got was some fresh or no so fresh stagnant water that felt like sewage water. We ended up having to cut into the pipe and create a new route for the new cable. It wasn’t so bad, kind of like a part time dirty job. Well, at the end of the day, we got the job done, just a few set back. If you are in need of a small company that can get a fiber optic cable run for you, give us a call. We sometimes can do smaller odd jobs that most big company doesn’t want to do.

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