Today we received a call from a new customer to look at their business and evaluate their issue and come up with a solution. The customer has been under contract with a phone leasing company for a few years and was unable to change anything out. Their current phone system was unable to page properly, so they been resorting to physical transfer or cellular page. They weren’t getting much support from the leasing company and now that their contract is ending, they wanted to upgrade their system with something that will make their daily task more efficient. We were originally called in for a phone system upgrade but after having a meeting with the customer, it became more than just a phone issue. Their business is growing and some of their equipment is outdated. So, it turns out at the end they would not only want their phone system upgraded but also their camera. When we first meet a new customer, we like to first discuss all their issue even if its small. From there, we can find a solution that best fit their requirements.

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