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Desk phones slowly going away

I’ve been in the telecom industry since 1999. The digital phone system have slowly been replaced by voip or voice over internet protocol phones. Telecom and computers are now migrating into 1 seamless category. I remember the days when customer would call us, just to move phones around. We still get those, but it is becoming less frequent. With voip, customer can simply unplug their phone, find another network jack, plug it in, and they are up and running. Those ports be POE (power over ethernet) or in most case, customer can simply plug in a power supply to power the phone. With that being said, in the last 5 years, we have seen a major move from desk phone to a simple inexpensive usb headset or bluetooth headset. It’s simply cheaper and sometimes better, it’s a matter of preferences. Me, personally, I still prefer to have a desk phone with the option for bluetooth usb headset and a softphone when I’m roaming. When I’m really lazy, I can simply use a softphone apps on the smart phone. With so many options, I can see why most customer is wanting to go with VOIP solutions. If you are in the market for a voip solutions, give us a call, we can help.

Business Phone Systems Headset

Headset Options

Since the launch of voip phone system and bluetooth technology, there has been a tremendous growth in the hardware options of headsets. You can go with usb wired headset, or usb wireless headset in conjunction with softphones or applications. Or you can go with traditional phones with added EHS (electronic hook switch) which can help get rid of the bulky lifter. Keep in mind, with out the lifter, you will need an electronic hook switch cable in most case to send a ringer alert to the headset anytime the phone rings. With all the options with headset out there, give your phone vendor a call, so they can help you choose the correct one.

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