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Web based VOIP Phone system with video conference, chat, mobile, crm, screen share and control integration.

VOIP has came a long way. I remember in 1999, I was a simple cable technician. A year later, I was promoted to telephone technician. Back then, a telephone technician was a telephone technician and a computer technician was a computer technician. Since VOIP came out, the two industry in a way have merge. Computer and network technician now does phones and vice versa. This last year, we have been experimenting with a new phone system platform that was web based. What does this mean? This new phone system platform allow us to integrate video conference, onilne chat, crm, and even screen share and control all in 1 platform. If you would like to see a demo, please follow this link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAPjq_Vt0Ek

If you would like to chat with us on line, go to our home page – https://bcs-ip.com – on the bottom right, click on chat. You can then chat with one of our representative.

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