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Endpoint Security

An endpoint is a type of communication device that connects to the network. Back then there are desktops, laptops, and handheld devices such as iPad, or cellphone. These devices can be simply protected by installing anti-virus software that scans for the signature-base of the virus and destroys it. Now, as the technology world evolves, endpoints include the Internet of Things or IoTs. Examples are smart gadgets that are connected to the internet in many homes and businesses like smart thermostats and fridges. Cybercriminals use these endpoints as one of the loopholes to get into a network. During this time many have transferred their business remotely and network security had become more and more major necessity in our technology world. Fortinet offers the merging of Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) & Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software that simplifies protection and manages malware before it attacks your device. It also has Machine Learning (ML) that helps detect malware in an early stage. With this type of endpoint protection you can for sure go by your daily tasks without any disruption from cybercriminals.   

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Web based VOIP Phone system with video conference, chat, mobile, crm, screen share and control integration.

VOIP has came a long way. I remember in 1999, I was a simple cable technician. A year later, I was promoted to telephone technician. Back then, a telephone technician was a telephone technician and a computer technician was a computer technician. Since VOIP came out, the two industry in a way have merge. Computer and network technician now does phones and vice versa. This last year, we have been experimenting with a new phone system platform that was web based. What does this mean? This new phone system platform allow us to integrate video conference, onilne chat, crm, and even screen share and control all in 1 platform. If you would like to see a demo, please follow this link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAPjq_Vt0Ek

If you would like to chat with us on line, go to our home page – https://bcs-ip.com – on the bottom right, click on chat. You can then chat with one of our representative.

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Network Security – when is it sufficient?

I had a customer asked me when is network security sufficient? That’s a tough and broad question, I thought. I really didn’t have a direct easy answer to this. It really depends on what kind of business you are in, what kind of information you are trying to protect. Depending on the business, I’m pretty sure there are legal that you need to take into considerations, such as medical offices, health care, and hospitals needs to be hippa compliant. With that being said, I have a minimum that I like to set in place for most offices, then when we are done, we realize there needed to be more security. For most office, I would recommend a minimum of antivirus software on each pc/devices/server, etc. I also think most office will need some kind of firewall/router in place with some kind of way to manage threat from outside. Then of course, blocks as many ports as possible from outside and make sure everyone have super strong password with some kind of system in place to make sure password security is enforce. I also highly recommend locking up server room/network closets, etc. That would be my minimum recommendation. If you can afford to do more, then you should do more.

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Google fiber jack move

Google has started fiber installation in South Austin. Over the past few months, we been getting quite a bit of calls from google customers requesting that we help them moved the fiber jack. It kind of shock me that google won’t service such requests. I’m guessing they are so busy with build out, it’s hard to make that happen. With that being said, if you have google fiber install and want to have it move, give us a call, we can help.

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Cameras, access point, cat 5e data cabling….

Last week, we had a call potential customer call that needed help finishing off a cabling job that another vendor started, but did not finish. We then schedule a meeting for a site survey to see what was going on. When we came on site, we had notice that none of the cables were terminated and some cables run never made it to the destination boxes. While we were walking through the building, the customer asked us if we do security cameras systems, we replied of course! I’ve asked him if it was poe, and we found out that all the cabling was already done for it, all we needed to do was terminate, install the cameras, program the system, and set it up so the customer can view from off site via smart phone, tablet (android or ios or even windows), or from a PC. As I was wrapping things up, the customer ask us if we can install the access point and program it for them, I got a bit excited as I realize there were potential for more work. In the end, we ended up doing all the work for the customers. For those companies that have a cabling crew run all their cables, but couldn’t finish the job 100% give us a call. We can help. Whether you need to add or program security cameras, setup a basic network or a complete network with windows servers, router, antivirus, and wireless access point, we can help!

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SBS2011 or Server 2008 next step…

Those you you have SBS2011 or Server 2008 or 2008r2, you know that the end of life is coming…which I believe is in 2020. You may have also hear that SBS2011 is the final version for Small Business Server. So, if you are a firm currently using SBS, what’s your next options. You can go to Server standard 2016 for your dc, Server 2016 standard for your exchange with exchange 2019. Yes, this can get costly for most small business. For some small business, the cloud is the way to go for exchange. However I’ve also seen it more cost effective to have it on site, especially when you use exchange for other things, such as lots of SMTP outgoing from printers or your database, or you simply have lots of users. Can you imagine switching everything to the cloud, the the following year, your email provider want to charge you $25.00 per month per users and you have close to 100 users? Yes, that can get expensive.

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Are you Planning a Office move?

Are you planning a Office Move? – Hire a IT Professional.

Moving an office network can add unforseen costs. As an IT consultant we can insure that moving your network, phone systems, etc. are done in a timly cost effective manner. A well planned out network infastructer at the new location is key to a successful move for any business big or small. A professional network consultant can evaluate the old and new location to determine if there will be any additional requirements prior to your move. Have this knowledge prior to any relocation will help keep costs down, and ensure that your new locations network, phone systems, etc are up and running when its time to open for business.

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3 Types of Networks

Small to Larges scale business computer network will assist in the interconnect of a group of computer systems for business purposes. This will allow employees to share files over the network with other employees. A network will help in efficiency and productivity. A network can consist of two or more computers, phone systems and other security devices need to run a small to large business. It is important to have a network admin to ensure that your network, computers and security devices are optimized and secure.

These are the three main systems for small to large scale businesses:
•PAN or Personal Area Network is a small network, usually supporting one or two people and various electronic devices like printers, phones, computers and tablets.
• LAN or Local Area Network covers a slightly larger scale but consists of systems all within a certain location. This can be used for small offices or people working within the same building. These networks can be expanded to support hundreds of computer systems as you expand the business.
• VPN Virtual Private Network uses the internet but creates a secure network within this larger public network. This can work well with innovative ideas when people not in the same geographical area without the risk of information leaks.

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