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Business Communication Solutions is a telecommunication & networking company providing Business Phone Systems & Networking Solutions to Austin, & Metro Surrounding Areas. We specialize in sales, installation and service of top brand phone systems. Our networking specialist can install, configure and service your network hardware.

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What's New in Software Version 3.31.85 (03/01/11)

Software version 3.31.85 contains numerous improvements that increase the stability and overall performance of DSX SIP trunking.

An issue with Common Registration Mode SIP trunks disconnecting on answer is corrected in version 3.31.85.

Additional SIP Trunk providers are now available. Click this link to review the current list for version 3.31.85.

Immunity to malicious SIP port scanning from User-Friendly Agents such as SIP Vicious is improved.

RTP alarm beeps will no longer inadvertently play during stable connections.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

Install DSX IP key sets on-premise in a managed network or off-site in a remote office. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and ATA's are also supported.

New Intramail Features

Use Park and Page to automatically page you when your call can not go through. Leave a single message in a Distribution Mailbox and have it go all members in the Distribution List. When you want to send a message to everybody, use Broadcast Message or the more robust Mailbox Announcement Message. When setting up IntraMail, the additional 16 Routing Mailboxes (now 32 total) will come in handy

Email Integration

Receive an email notification when a new message is left in your mailbox. Your email can optionally include the recorded message as a wav file attachment. Email Integration requires IntraMail Pro and a valid SMTP email account for your system.

Office Administrator

Intended for office supervisors, the DSX Office Administrator lets you quickly customize basic features from your PC. You can set up the Time and Date, useful extension features and voice mail options, and Speed Dial numbers. You can also customize Ring Groups and UCD Groups.

More Benefits from the home

Room Monitor is a great residential feature that lets you monitor sounds at another extension - for real peace-of-mind if you have a baby at home. With the enhanced Prime Line, you can conveniently join a call in progress when you lift the handset. Since the DSX has a built-in modem, your dealer can customize and upgrade your system remotely, even if you are not at home. If you have a Super Display Telephone, its display has ambient light sensitivity and can automatically adjust to the room brightness.

Line Scheduling

The 30 Department Groups replace the separate Ring Groups and UCD Groups, providing more group capacity and flexibility. Each Department Group can have a unique name to help keep track of programming.

DSX Version 3.2: An Important New VoIP Release


DSX System Software Version 3.2 is an important new release that features three major VoIP enhancements: Peer-to-Peer communication between IP extensions, NAT Traversal with Any Router, and Improved ATA and SIP SLT Support.

DSX System Software Version 3.2 also provides the new IntraMail Message Review feature, enhanced Cascading Message Notification with IntraMail Pro, and improved maintenance functions when used with System Administrator 3.1 or higher.

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Allworx System Softeware 7.4
New Superior Features make hard tasks easy!

Allworx System Software 6.9
Click here to see what's new and exciting with this new release!

Allworx P/2 Expander - Now Available
Increase the power of your Allworx 6x, 10x, and 24x Systems with the cost-effective Allworx Px 6/2 Expander. Use up to three expanders simultaneously to add more FXO ports and FXS ports to your 6x, 10x, or 24x system.

Allworx System Software 6.9
Updated System Administrator
Firmware for Allworx Px 6/2
Fully integrated Px 6/2 Expander User Interface allows for administration and configuration of Allworx Port Expanders.

Allworx TAPI TSP Driver 2.0
Now supports applications that allow for multiple calls!
Inbound and Outbound calls

Allworx System Software 7.1

911 Alert Support
Sends immediate audible and visual alerts to designated handsets whenever an emergency call is placed. Supports optional email.

Announce Only Call Answering
Answer only option

Anonymous Call Handling
Incoming calls with blocked caller ID information are automatically routed >

Enhanced Import/Export of Settings
Increases Voice Activity Detection on Message Recordings
Eliminates dead air

Voicemail Recording Import-Export
Supports the importing and exporting of voicemail greetings, announcements, and

Wireless Headset Support
New functionality to support wireless headsets on Allworx phones without the need for a mechanical lifter.

48x Phone System …Designed for companies of up to 250 employees per site . Two T1/PRI interfaces, each capable of supporting any mix of voice and data connectivity . Four conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference and a total of up to 60 users in all conferences simultaneously . Three FXO ports and five FXS ports . Internal flash drive creates increased reliability and long-term stability, and stores over 100 hours of voicemail . Full support for every Allworx IP phone model . Energy efficient design for maximum energy cost savings . Rack mountable.

To find out more about Allworx 48x and how it can work for you, contact a BCS representative near you.


Astribank Wins Best of Show

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TwinStar: Full PBX Redundancy

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We are please to announce additions to our VoIP solutions by Vosky, the only Skype certified gateway product. Call us now to see if we can help you save substantial on your LD phone bill.

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