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Business Communication Solutions is a telecommunication & networking company providing Business Phone Systems & Networking Solutions to Austin, & Metro Surrounding Areas. We specialize in sales, installation and service of top brand phone systems. Our networking specialist can install, configure and service your network hardware.

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Call Data Analysis

Why Call Reporting

Making sound business decisions starts with good data collection and reporting. Most businesses miss out on the wealth of information that can be gained from data analysis of their phone system usage. A large percentage of businesses do not use call reporting and miss out on the competitive advantages gained through a better understanding of one of their most valuable tools - their phone system.

With CallData business owners, managers and staff alike can make better business decisions based on the data collected and reported through CallData product.


CallData - Supported Phone Systems

CallData works with many different phone systems including all legacy phone systems supporting the SMDR standard format as well as specific support for many Voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems. CallData makes use of a Windows Service to act as the CallData server to collect data from a phone system and input it into the CallData database.

Some of the supported systems include:

All legacy systems supporting the SMDR standard. Direct Serial, Network and CDR Buffer supported.

Planned Support:

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Call Recording Systems

Business Communication Solutions

Call Anaylst UX5000

Feature-Rich Call Accounting and Telemanagement Software to Monitor and Analyze Your Phone Activity

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Call Data Analysis

Making sound business decisions starts with good data collection and reporting.

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SIP Print Call Accounting

A SIP Print Call Accounting system captures data that benefits every department - Finance, HR, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing. Track all calls - 911, after-hours, international - with complete detail. The turn-key appliance makes your VoIP system a better business tool.

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