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Business Communication Solutions is a telecommunication & networking company providing Business Phone Systems & Networking Solutions to Austin, & Metro Surrounding Areas. We specialize in sales, installation and service of top brand phone systems. Our networking specialist can install, configure and service your network hardware.

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Allworx Phone Systems

What do you want from a phone … the ability to make calls over the Internet or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX or Key system? Portability between home, office and remote sites? Whatever you need, Allworx IP phones connect you to the world.

Allworx Phones — Key Advantages. Allworx phones are the most feature-rich, flexible, easy-to-use phones on the market. We’re not just making broad claims — there truly are some key differences between Allworx phones and lesser competitive offers that will provide significant benefits to your business. The phone set is the single part of your communication system that impacts your employees every day — it must be flexible, easy-to-use and productive.


The Allworx 48x is the largest and most powerful of any Allworx system to date – supporting up to 250 users per system.

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The Allworx 6x12 delivers powerful all-in-one communications with feature-rich capabilities in one integrated, low-cost package.

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Px6/2 Expander

Increase the power of your Allworx 6x, 48x and 24x Systems with the cost-effective Allworx Px 6/2 Expander.

Allworx  Px6/2 Expander Phone Systems  >>


Designed for companies with up to 60 users, the Allworx 6x system is an all-in-one communication system integrating a feature-rich phone system

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The Allworx 731 system to date – supporting up to 180 users per system.

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The Allworx 536-530 system to date – supporting up to 50 users per system.

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The Allworx 324-320 system to date – supporting up to 20 users per system.

Allworx  324-320 Phone Systems  >>

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