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NEC Unified Messaging for Hospitality

Designed specifically for the hotel/motel industry, this powerful Hospitality feature set for the UNIVERGE UM4730 and UM8000 offers a complete unified messaging solution that combines many types of communications services into one state-of-the-art system. When combined with either the UM4730 or UM8000, it provides you with leading-edge technology that will help you improve guest services and enhance your staff's effectiveness and efficiency.

The UNIVERGE UM4730 and UM8000 with Hospitality easily integrates with over 60 Property Management Systems to provide you with the flexibility you need for your property.

The Personal Touch

UNIVERGE UM4730 and UM8000 with Hospitality provides personalized guest messaging in every room allowing you to offer superior guest services and automate time-consuming tasks without sacrificing the personal touch. Guests can receive calls or check messages anytime, a critical feature for international travelers. Guests may choose from a list of localized languages and, when outside callers leave messages for a guest, they will hear the Hospitality prompts in the guest's preferred language.

Hospitality's conversational interface has set the standard for ease of use in hotel voice mail. To check or leave messages, guests simply respond to yes or no questions. An operator can be reached by pressing "0" at any time.

More than Guest Messaging

Unified Messaging for Hospitality includes guest directory which allows callers to contact hotel guests or leave them messages directly without going through an operator. Incoming calls are not delayed by a switchboard bottleneck and operators are free to give personal assistance to those who need it.

Guests can rest assured that their morning wake-up call will be on time with the Hospitality wake-up feature. Guests have direct control to set, change and confirm their wake up call, thus freeing up staff to devote more time to guest services. When a scheduled wake-up time reaches the maximum of simultaneous time call attempts (i.e., 12 scheduled calls on a 12-port system scheduled for 7 AM), wake-up calls will automatically queue forward in a pre-determined time interval programmed in minutes (i.e., 6:50 AM). Wake-up call reports ensure that hotels are aware of any unanswered calls, thereby reducing hotel liability and allowing for personal follow-ups.

Another great way to improve service and reduce operating expenses is to let guests retrieve important information right over the telephone. Guest information lines can answer routine questions about restaurant hours, airport shuttles and other subjects 24 hours-a-day. In addition, information lines can be used to generate revenue through sponsorship from local businesses.

Improved Staff Efficiency with Unified Messaging

UNIVERGE UM4730 and UM8000 with Hospitality improves internal communications, making your entire facility run more smoothly. Employees working different schedules can leave each other detailed messages so guest services aren't interrupted with a shift change. Mobile personnel such as housekeeping, maintenance and room service can be alerted via pager or wireless telephone about important messages. Special mailboxes can be set up to communicate more efficiently with vendors and important clients. With Visual Messaging applications, hotel staff can collect and distribute fax, e-mails, and voice messages quickly and accurately from their desktop inbox increasing productivity and customer service dramatically.

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A unified messaging solution that can grow and expand with your business. With the UM4730, you get an intelligently designed, cost-effective, IP and Linux-based unified messaging system that offers the options you need.

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A powerful unified communications solution that allows businesses and individual users to communicate more efficiently, respond more quickly and cut down on wasted time. UM8700 offers a high level of interoperability and delivers high availability and disaster recovery.

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UM8000- Mail

The UNIVERGE UM8000-Mail solution for the UNIVERGE SV8100 or SV8300 Communications Servers is an in-skin, unified messaging system that delivers abundant message storage, scalable port capacity and fully integrated messaging.

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VM8000 InMail

NEC’s UNIVERGE VM8000 InMail is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to ensure all callers quickly and reliably reach the people and information they seek.

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Unified Messaging for Hospitality

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, the UNIVERGE UM8000 and UM4730 with Hospitality offers a complete unified messaging system that improves guest services and enhances staff efficiency.

NEC Unified Messaging for Hospitality  >>

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