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Business Communication Solutions is a telecommunication & networking company providing Business Phone Systems & Networking Solutions to Austin, & Metro Surrounding Areas. We specialize in sales, installation and service of top brand phone systems. Our networking specialist can install, configure and service your network hardware.

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NEC UC Enterprise Manager

NEC’s UC for Enterprise Manager (UNIVERGE MA4000) is a centralized web based management system for communications servers. It seamlessly supports and manages the day-to-day tasks of all NEC’s UNIVERGE Communication Servers – including those in the SV8000 series as well as NEC’s SV7000, NEAX®2400 IPX and 2000 IPS systems.

With virtually no daily administrator interaction required, the UC for Enterprise (UCE) Manager simultaneously manages all communications servers while offering:

The UCE Manager has removed the mystery from communication server administration. Its user-friendly interface means very little training is required for an administrator starting out with this management system. Powerful tools like Range Programming can perform large tasks, such as adding new stations, changing station programming or numbering, and moving, swapping or deleting stations – and the UCE Manager completes these jobs over 12 times faster than with traditional methods. Another feature, the LDAP auto-provisioning system, uses advanced, granular LDAP integration, data filters and provisioning templates to provide standardized integration to an administrator's existing network provisioning system.

NEC’s UC for Enterprise Manager provides a true single point of entry and will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to maintain an enterprise network.

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UC for Enterprise Mobility (MC550)

As an integral part of both the UC for Enterprise (UCE) Empowered User and the UCE application suite, NEC’s UCE Mobility (UNIVERGE MC550) solution allows employees to be reached anytime, anywhere with a single phone number and voice mailbox.

UC for Enterprise Mobility  >>


NEC’s UC for Business (UCB) is a perfect unified communications (UC) solution for small to medium-sized businesses. This single server solution is designed to optimize your communications through the convergence of communication channels and business processes.

UC for Business  >>

UC for Enterprise

Most employees experience communications overload on a daily basis. They send and receive messages from desktop phones, cellular phones, voicemail, email, instant messaging, faxes, voice and video conferencing and collaboration tools.

UC for Enterprise  >>

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UC for Enterprise Desktop Client (UC700)

UC for Enterprise (UCE) Desktop Client, an important element of NEC’s UCE application suite, provides your organization with the productivity-enhancing tools your workforce needs to effectively manage communications and information.

UC for Enterprise Desktop  >>

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UCE  Agent

UC for Enterprise Agent is the next-generation of desktop applications that unifies call center functionality and unified communication capabilities into one easy to use client. UCE Agent’s intuitive interface brings information, not previously available, directly to the desktop.

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UC for Enterprise Attendant (UA5200)

First impressions count, so it is crucial that attendants have access to the most advanced communications tools.

UC for Enterprise Attendant  >>

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UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification

To keep people safe and secure during an emergency, it is important for businesses to have a 911 system that can accurately pinpoint a caller’s location and direct appropriate emergency response resources to the scene.

UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site Notification >>

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UC for Enterprise Manager (Univerge MA4000)

NEC’s UC for Enterprise Manager (UNIVERGE MA4000) is a centralized web based management system for communications servers.

UC for Enterprise Manager >>

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UC for Enterprise Application Platform (OW5000)

This UC for Enterprise Application Platform fuses communications tools like presence, status, unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, collaboration and voice/video conferencing into one comprehensive, customizable unified communications solution – UC for Enterprise.

UC for Enterprise Application Platform  >>

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UCE Collaboration

NEC’s UC for Enterprise (UCE) Collaboration is a secure premises-based conferencing solution for the enterprise. It encourages collaboration and lowers travel expenses by providing your employees with the means to work together securely via conference.

UCE Collaboration  >>

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