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Business Communication Solutions is a telecommunication & networking company providing Business Phone Systems & Networking Solutions to Austin, & Metro Surrounding Areas. We specialize in sales, installation and service of top brand phone systems. Our networking specialist can install, configure and service your network hardware.

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EnGenius offers a choice in portable long range handsets. Whether you require a handset for a demanding industrial environment or simply require a long range “Portable Extension” of your office or residential telephone, our DuraFon or FreeStyl products will exceed your coverage demands. Our exclusive “Independent 2-way and Broadcast” function allows DuraFon and FreeStyl handsets to function as a private and secure wireless intercom system between handsets, even if the base is unplugged or not within range of the portable handsets.

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Portable Disaster Recovery - by OODALink | Mission Critical Coverage - by Squire Tech

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